We want to help grow your business.

Want to increase the number of leads you capture while raising engagement across every page of your website? Looking for an easy way to display your social media without cluttering up each page with multiple widgets? We can help.

When we first introduced the TurnSocial social toolbar, our goal was to provide a simple way to display relevant information about your business - such as social profiles, ratings and reviews, and "share" functionality - on your website, in a seamless way that raised visitor engagement. With the introduction of the TurnSocial leads toolbar we're closing the loop on our efforts, delivering not only increased engagement, but quantifiable new leads that you might not have collected otherwise.

You told us what you cared about the most, and we've incorporated that feedback directly into our product. The number one request was for help with squeezing more leads out of your existing website traffic, then providing any insight we could into who they were and where they came from.

We've been listening!

Getting your social content in front of visitors without having them click away means they'll stay more engaged as they browse, and increases the likelihood that they'll connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. Now, with the introduction of the TurnSocial leads toolbar, you can also have a highly visible call-to-action and sign-up form atop every page of your site, reducing the friction in the sign-up process to nearly zero. Because the leads toolbar supports both Facebook Connect and traditional email entry, incorporating social lead generation into your website has never been easier.

Get one. Get both. Get started.

We care what you think.

Love it? Hate it? Confused by how it works? Drop us a line and tell us what you think - you're our number one priority, and without your honest feedback and support, this product will never reach its' full potential. Where can you find us?

Or email us at info@turnsocial.com

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Who's behind TurnSocial?

David Kelso

David Kelso

David is solely responsible for the beautiful technology and product you see today. Find him on github.
Matt Hendrick

Matt Hendrick

If it's related to TurnSocial but doesn't involve code, it's probably handled by Matt. Find him on Twitter.
Mike Whaling

Mike Whaling

Mike is our very own #multifamily industry/social media marketing expert. Find him on Twitter.


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