So what is the TurnSocial Leads Bar?

The TurnSocial Leads Bar is a simple way to convert your website visitors into leads.

The leads bar installed on

How does it work?

We provide you with a javascript code snipped that you paste into the html for any page you want to show a toolbar in. Then you can customize the layout and appearance of your leads bar directly from - no coding required.

Second, take a moment to customize what you want the welcome message on your Leads bar to say. We suggest using shorts phrases that are going to give your visitors extra incentive to sign up, such as "Connect now to waive your rental application fee!". Now, when a new visitor lands on any page of your website, they'll be greeted by a small toolbar at the top of the page, with your message and a "Connect" button inside. Visitors can choose to connect by 2 methods: Facebook Connect or by entering their email address. Once connected, we'll deliver their info directly to your email, complete with a personalized lead profile. This lead profile lets you know what other information we could find out about them, such as their name, interests, what website referred them to your site, and more.

Now it's up to you, so strike while the iron's hot - respond quickly and close the deal!

An example lead email.

How will my business benefit?

In all likelihood, you spend 100's, if not 1000's of dollars per month driving traffic to your site, right? But how much money do you invest in making sure that visitors convert into leads once they get there?

Even a tiny increase in your conversion rate can be meaningful when you're a moderately high traffic website, so why aren't you doing everything you can to maximize your ability to catch every new lead possible? We can help.

How much does it cost?

Every TurnSocial Leads Bar comes with a free 30 day trial, which will convert into our standard plan at the end of 30 days. Our standard plan is $20/month per Leads Bar, up to 50 leads per month. If you'd like to speak with us about pricing for an account larger than 50 leads/month, please drop us a line!